God among us as Seke Church in 2018

Published January 18, 2018 by

Bible: Exodus: 13: 17-22

From 1 January to 10 we were holding our fasting days. Our fast were aimed at God freeing us from Egypt. Where God freed the Israelites, he did not free them in order to walk them free from Egypt to Canaan, they were assembled at Succoth. There God appeared to them in form os a cloud during the day to protect them from direct sun heat. During the night the cloud turned into a pillar of fire to burn and destroy all Israelite enemies. God’s presence was meant to be with them untill they reach Canaan.

Today we need this cloud and its constant changes from fire to cloud depending on the situation, till we reach canaan. God decided that Israelites should go via a desert. In order to reach there God moves through hardships, through hell. But because of this cloud, which constantly changes signalling His presence, we will reach Canaan via the wilderness. We will reach December 2018 because of this cloud


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