Kuwadzana Church

Kuwadzana Church

Stand Number 17108, Kuwadzana, P. O. Box DRK 34, Dzivaresekwa, Harare, Zimbabwe
Minister Cell: +263774032146, Secretary Cell: +263772292061, Deacon Cell: +263712808414, Treasurer Cell: +2632956122

Worshiping at the UCCZ Kuwadzana Stand is near Kuwadzana 6 Shops or near PUMA Service Station.
Join us this and every Sunday.

Prayer Band starts at 09:00 ,
Bible Study start at 09:30 and Main Service starts at 10:00
Pastor H. Cheinacho

P. O. Box DRK 34 Dzivarasekwa


Minister In Charge Pastor H. Cheinacho
High Deacon Mrs. L. Khosa
ViceDeacon Mr. E. Sithole
Deaconess  Mrs. C. Dube
Secretary Mr. S. P. Murimbechi
Vice Secretary Mrs. D. Jenya
Treasurer Mr. S. Dube
Vice Treasurer Mr. A. Mabheju
Auditor Mr. B. Jenya
Synod Delegates Mr. G. Khosa – AGM; Mr. C. Duri – Executive
Conference Delegates Mr. J. Goko- AGM; Br. K. Mlambo – Executive
CYF Advisor Mrs. C. Dube
Sunday School Superintendent Mrs. A.P. Duri
Chairperson of Ruwadzano Mrs. R. Sithole
Chairperson of CYF Br. K. Mlambo
Chairperson of Volunteers Dr. R. Matikiti
Chief Usher Mrs. K. Goko
Building Committee Chair Mr. G. Khosa
Drummers Br. Simbarashe Khosa, Br. Tinaishe Khosa
Welfare Committee Chair Mrs. K. Goko
Call and Pastoral Care Committee Chair Mr. T. Mukomazi
UKAMA Committee Chair Mr. G. Khosa

UKAMA Partner

First Congregational United Church of Christ : Haverhill, New Hampshire, USA

Brief History

Kuwadzana Church was established on 29 July 2001. Baba Ganyani Khosa was the Deacon and we had no substantive Pastor. We were a Preaching Point of Highfield Circuit since 09 August 1998. Prior to 1998 we were a Prayer Group of the same Circuit. Founding members of the then Kuwadzana Prayer Group include Baba naMai Magumuye, Baba naMai Mafanise, Baba naMai Dhliwayo, Baba naMai Mutema.



Our priority is building the sanctuary of God at the piece of the land the Lord has given us as His temple. May the Lord enrich us so that we can realize this dream. To God be the Glory!!! Amen. Please Click here for Building Project in Progression.

Past and Present Ministers

Pastor Hebert Cheinacho 2015- Present 4 Years +
Rev. Maxwell Sigauke 2008- 2014 7 Years
Pastor P. Mtandwa 2005-2007 3 Years
Pastor Chibode (Theological Attachment) 2005 1 Year
Pastor S. Mtandwa 2002-2003 2 Years
Pastor L. Mhlanga (Theological Attachment) 2003 1 Year
Pastor N. Madhodha (Theological Attachment) 2002 1 Year
Pastor P. Mtandwa  (Attached by Highfield Circuit) 2000-2001 2 Years
Pastor M. Sigauke  (Theological Attachment) 1999 1 Year

Past and Present Deacons

Mrs. L. Khosa 2018 – Present 1 Year +
Mr. P.M. Mandhlazi 2015 – 2017 3 Years
Mr. S. Dube 2014 – 2015 1 Year
Mr. J. Goko 2008 – 2013 6 Years
Mr. E. Munhuashati 2007 – 2008 2 Years
Mr. G. M. Khosa 2005 – 2006 2 Years
Mr. J. Mukwambo 2003 – 2004 2 Years
Mr. G. M. Khosa 1998 – 2002 5 Years
Mr. E. Munhuashati 1996 – 1997 2 Years
Mr. D. Mabvuu 1995 1 Year
Mr. J. Dhliwayo 1994 1 Year

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