President attends the AACC Capacity Building for Diakonia Seminar

The UCCZ President, Rev. E. T. C. Ngadziore (Centre in the picture below) is among the several AACC Member Church leaders who attended the Capacity Building for Diakonia Seminar held from 13th November 2017 at the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre in Kenya. for further details, visit the Seminar twitter page  and see the President in action.

The UCC New Hampshire visits the UCCZ

The UCC New Hampshire visitors who were here in Zimbabwe from 9 – 22 June 2017 by Rev. Decent Mugari The visitors are Rev Richard Slater and wife Nirmala, and Mrs Kathy Blair. Rev Slater is the new Ulama/Partnership Chairperson in New Hampshire, while Mrs Kathy Blair is the Ukama/Partnership Chairperson. In the Northern Conference they … [Read more…]


EASTLEA CHURCH BUYS A HONDA CRV Rev L Simango Presides Over the Handover of Eastlea’s Vehicle to Rev C Kasimu on 21st May, 2017 The Northern Conference Superintendent, Rev Lovemore Simango fellowshipped at Eastlea Church on his tour of duty. He delivered a spirit inspired sermon with the theme “Be committed to Christ and to … [Read more…]