Church President Meets the PED Manicaland over Opening of Waterview Primary School

The Church President, Rev. John Matiza, meets Manicaland Provincial Education Director (PED), Mr Edward Shumba in connection with the opening of Waterview Primary School. The Church President who was on his way to the second annual general meeting (AGM) of the Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF) of the UCCZ was accompanied the PED by the Chairman of the Waterview Primary School Committee of the Education Council, Mr. Calvin Matsiya and the Committee Advisor and Minister-In-Charge of Chikanga Church, Rev. Liberty Maadza.  The PED, on his side, was in the company of his deputy, Mr. Richard Gabaza.

The UCCZ delegation presented the story of Waterview Primary School, the first UCCZ School in urban settings and one of the first post-independence school by the Church. Construction of the first block and ablution facilities at the school has been completed and both the health clearance and certificates of occupation have been granted by Mutare City. The school is billed to open in 2024 as a satellite of Nyamauru Primary School if the satellite school certificate is issued by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education by then. The UCCZ Strategic Communication Desk has been informed that a Teacher-in-Charge was interviewed and recommended to the PED to manage the groundwork for the opening of the school. The name of the successful TIC will be announced to the Church in due course.

Meanwhile, the Education Council of the UCCZ, working hand in hand with the Waterview Primary School Committee and the Church has finalized the school logo (Figure 1) and is deciding on the uniform colors and quality so that advertisements for enrolment can be distributed in the catchment area of the school. UCCZ Members are encouraged to submit designs of the uniforms – winter and summer, sportswear, and associated hat. contribute to this initiative.  

At the same time, the Church should think strategically about the levels to be enrolled against the need to speed up construction of more classroom blocks to accommodate the anticipated enrolment with effect from 2025.