Church Secretary Monica Dondo Receives Award

The Personal Assistant to the Church President, Head Office Secretary and Receptionist, Mrs. Monica Dondo nee Zinhuku receives a long service award on 18 October 2023. Monica served in this capacity for 30 years and receives a 58-inch Plasma TV.

Mrs. Dondo has served the church under five Church Presidents namely, Rev. Dr. W.M Mkwakwami 1993 to 1996, Rev. Dr. M.C. Kuchera 1997 to 2004, Rev. Dr. E. M. Matuvhunye 2005 to 2012, Rev E.T.C. Ngadziore 2013 to 2020, and now Rev J. Matiza 2021 to date.

The Church congratulates Mai Dondo.