The UCC New Hampshire visits the UCCZ

The UCC New Hampshire visitors who were here in Zimbabwe from 9 – 22 June 2017

by Rev. Decent Mugari

The visitors are Rev Richard Slater and wife Nirmala, and Mrs Kathy Blair.

Rev Slater is the new Ulama/Partnership Chairperson in New Hampshire, while Mrs Kathy Blair is the Ukama/Partnership Chairperson.

In the Northern Conference they were able to visit Glen View,, Zengeza, Kuwadzana and Glen Norah, Hatfield Churches.

In the Western Conference they were able to visit Kwekwe Church, Torwood and it was wonderful

Ruwadzano Centre, Gweru Church, Ivene Church, Midlands State University, Great Zimbabwe and Masvingo Church.

In the Eastern Conference they visited Chikore High School, Chikore Hospital, Big Tree Primary School, Pfidza Church stand, Sophia Magurumure, a child with multiple disability sponsored by Mrs Kathy Blair through Global Ministries, Mt Selinda High and Primary Schools, Mt Selinda Hospital, Daisy Dube Children’s Home, Dimire Primary School borehole project, Zona Tea Estate factory, UCCZ South Down Farm and Primary School and Church.